Track Light LED COB 20W 30W 40W 50W

Product Name: COB Track Light
Wattage: 20W 30W 40W 50W
Input Voltage: AC220-240 or AC85-265V
Lumen: 80LM/W
CRI: 90
PF: 0.95
LED Chip: Samsung, Phillps, Epistar, Cree,Citizen
Driver: Tridonic, Sosen
Material: Aluminum
Diffuser: Lens
Viewing angle: 12/24/36 degree
Wire: 2/3/4
Housing color: White/ Black
Flicker: No flicker
Dimmable: Optional
IP Grade: IP20
Warranty: 5 years

30W LED Track Lighting is very popular in commercial settings, such as retail and showroom interiors. The 30W fixtures are best suited for ceilings 2.9m to 3.5m in height and come in black and white colours to match your design scheme. 30W LED Track Lighting is incredibly versatile, the tracks can be configured into many configurations and can also be surface mounted, recessed or suspended from the ceiling.

1, The light source is deep  anti-glare and not dazzling
2, Adjustable viewing anlge, flexible adjustable of illumination angle and precise lighting.
3, The light is comfortable and soft, light color is optional: warm white/natural white/cool white and special light color base on your needs
4, High color rendering,  indexshow oneself
5, Simple internal structure, easy to repair, aluminum heat sink.
6, High-temperature baking paint process, anti-rust and anti- corrosion, make the lanterns longer life
7, Adopted original packing COB, bridgelux and citizen. Customer indicated is available, with high power, luminous effciency and color redering index, saving more energy
8, Cooperate with top LED Chip brands, to ensure good light effect and long life-span, Osram , Luminus, Citizen, Cree…
9, Aluminum refelector, optional beam angle, 12°24°36 is optional
10, Our products widely use in decoration of hotel, restaurant, dinner room, jewely store, shopping mall, exhibition, corridor, meeting room, showroom, clotheing shop,Galleries …ect.
11, Non-Flicker LED Driver (Canera Free) 3/5 years warranty.

12, Installatio Notes:
A. Fix that track bar in to ceiling with screws
B. Connect that track bar’s live wire & north wire
C. Put that wrench of adaptor to that “OFF” buttom, then put that adaptor of light into that track bar.
D. Trun that wrench of adaptor to that “ON” buttom, and make sure that buttom already in that correct place, then put on the light
Must make sure to put that adaptor on the correct place, otherwire that adpator may broken and that light would be drop down.